Saturday, 7 November 2009

Grand Opening From Twr Power System!!

Hi Folks,

I'm proudly announce that TWR Power System is officially Launch today. After its been delayed a month.

I upgrade my account account immediately to be a part of the TEAM. And i was so amazed, within few hours, almost 25 people in my downline already upgrade their account which means i have secured at least $70.00 commission / month and i'm expecting many more will do the same.

So, if u just arrived on my blog, i would be glad if u can be our TEAM compatriot. This is for real folks. No more monkey business ^_^ Read my previous post bout TWR Power System.

And to all my downlines who still dont upgrade, do it NOW. Dont just sitting aside and watch us do all the dirty works. hehehe

By the way, here is how u can upgrade your position/ account

1. click here ==>

2. Click on "Activate / Upgrade Your Account"

3. Enter your user ID and push submit button

4. u will be direct to next page, and click on alertpay button

5. U will be transfer to Alertpay page, log in to your Alertpay account and click "pay" button

6. Welcome aboard!! Make sure u get a screen saying 'Payment Successful' - you MUST wait for the Alertpay timer to count down and take you back to the TWR Power system site.

Enough for now. will keep u update on this. If u r interested to join our TEAM, just click on banner below

my main account


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